Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Pictures of Baby Devin

Just a few more pictures of my newest grandson. Finally, the weather has broke and I am going to able to head home tomorrow. It's really bittersweet.... I'm ready to be home, but I hate to leave this little one. Hopefully, I will get to see him in a week or so for the family Christmas in Springfield. He is doing so good. His mom is very lucky to have such a good baby.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Devin James - He's HERE!

Well, I got the call last Sunday around noon and Shelly has lost her mucous plug. We talked and agreed it could be a while, like a few days, so no one got too excited! But, then, at 5:30, JR called and they were at the hospital! Her water broke around 4:30 and they got in there and were told they were going to have a baby! I got packed up (which I did just fine, except I forgot to take one whole suitcase of clothes!) and headed to Chanute. I got there at 10pm and things were looking good. Here we are looking all happy and excited about the impending birth!

Well... after 20 hours, 6 epidural tries that failed, she finally had him C-section.

At 12:54 pm on Monday, December 8th, Devin James made his way into this world! He weighed 6 lbs and 12 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long and is perfect in every way!

Here is his announcement on the hospital marquee. I love small town hospitals. I was so worried that they would be able to handle everything, but I've got to say they were fabulous!!!

His dad says he WILL be an OU fan!

Here he is chilling out on daddy while mom is hanging out reading the paper. I was so amazed at how good she did! And what a good dad JR is. Such a happy little family! (We'll see what the 2 4-legged kids think of him when we all get home later today!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heit's Point Retreat - Nov 20 - 23

All I can say is WOW! This was the most amazing time I've had in a long time. 17 of us converged on Heit's Point for the best Scrapbook Retreat ever! We ate and talked and laughed and even got a little scrapbooking done! I am posting these pictures just to give you a little taste of what we were doing. I hope to get some more posted later. I am hoping to get some of actual projects that got done!

Remember... You can click on the pictures and make them HUGE!

Here is Jeanne working on the computer. She was probably working on some journaling. That is the lake you see out the windows. It was an amazing view.

Here is a great shot of the room. Look at the stuff that was here! I couldn't believe how much stuff everyone brought! It was crazy!

Here's Debbie and Laura working on the Design Studio and the Cricut. Very intense.

And here is the whole group. We got down right silly after taking so many serious ones! I love this because this is just how we were the whole time! Having fun!!!

If you didn't make this one, don't miss the next one! We are already starting the plans in motion. If you'd like to be kept updated, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I'll add you to the list. You will have the time of your life!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Retreat

Isn't this a beautiful setting? This is where our Retreat is being held this year.

And, I only have to work 1/2 day tomorrow and the rest of the day is for getting ready to go on Thursday. 4 days of bliss! Scrapbooking until we drop! Eatting until we can't move. Sleeping very little! No phones, no TV's, no kids, no husbands, no cleaning, no cooking... just scrapbooking and look at that view! sigh.... so close.

I'll take tons of pictures and I'll post when I get home. If you are joining us... drive carefully! If you aren't we'll be thinking about you and wishing you were there!

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift Card Holder

As I was preparing for a party tomorrow, I was trying to decide what "hands-on" item we would be making (I always like for my group to make something with our fabulous products). And since we are getting closer to the holidays, I was trying to keep that in mind. We have all made Christmas Cards at my workshops, so I needed something more unique.

I had seen a money holder card that caught my attention, but never got around to making it. So, I got my instructions out and starting making some dimensional changes. This was so easy I could hardly believe it! For the base of the card, I used a cardstock and cut it 6 x 4.25 (I tried 6 x 4 and it worked, but a gift card fit in there very tight, but for money, it would be perfect!). You score it at 2.5" and 5". Fold at both score lines and you will see it come together! I folded the small flap up and adhered just the edges, creating a pocket for the gift card or the cash.

Then, in order to keep it secure, I cut a strip of the cardstock 6 x 1.25. I tried scoring it, but I never could get it quite right, so I simply folded it around the card and it was perfect!

Before you do any adhering, you decorate as desired.

I used paper from the Aspen paper pack. The first one I made is for a girl. I used Pink Carnation Cardstock (which is retired but I still have tons of!). And just the back of the paper because I just wanted the beautiful muted blue only. Then, I stamped the snowman face from the November Stamp of the Month, All Decked Out (I love this set... it is so versatile!) on a piece of white cardstock (1.5 x 3, folded in half to make a tag) on the front. Then, with Hollyhock ink, I stamped the scarf on a piece of the Pink Carnation cardstock and cut it out. (I then used a little stickles on the scarf for accents - what girl doesn't love bling!)

And, of course, the blue, is for a boy. I used Outdoor Denim ink on Twilight paper on that one.

I thought they were fun and I hope you like them!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Hidden" Crop Cash

This post is for the Heit's Point Retreat ladies!

If you are looking for the answer to #9 of the Scavenger Hunt and you have found your way here (which you should have!) AND you are reading this post...

You have earned your

$100.00 Bonus CROP CASH!!!!!!

AND.... if you figure out how to leave me a COMMENT,
you will earn another

$50 in Crop Cash!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Grandkids... Again!

Don't they look sweet here?
She loves her brother so much and he is just so good with her.
I love this picture!

You have to click on this picture and look at it bigger. Her face is priceless!!!

Cards I Made from Art and Soul

Have you had a chance to check out the newest video "Crazy for Cards" in the CTMHTV section "Art and Soul" of my website ( Well, I watched it the other night and was thinking how much I wanted to try to make those 20 Christmas Cards! So, I put my mind to it yesterday and did it! It was hard... I have to admit... sticking to their plan. I kept wanting to do my own thing, but I didn't! I was very tempted several times, but I didn't! And I am so glad I didn't because these cards are fantastic! Ignore the mess around the group shot! I didn't even clean up before I wanted to take pictures! I may just have to get busy and do another group with a different Level kit!

In case you haven't checked it out, here's the deal. You use only 5 sheets of the background and texture paper (the patterned stuff) and all of the cardstock from a Level 2 kit (I used our new Evensong Collection and Cranberry and New England Ivy Ink) and follow their cutting directions. So check these out! And let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lewis Family Reunion

Just as we've done for the past 5 years, we had our Lewis (my dad's side of the family) reunion at my brother's house this weekend. How in the world can so many people have so much to say! It was absolutely non-stop talking, oh, yes, and eating. Sue fixed more food that I believe is legal to have in one house on any one weekend. All I can say is WOW!

It was so good to see everyone. Here's a few pictures that were taken. (Be sure and click on the pictures to see them MUCH bigger!)

Here a bunch of them are around the fire in the back yard. That's Lake of the Ozarks in the background. Such a beautiful view and the weather was perfect!

I think I made my brother deaf! My sister and sister in law were being crazy and shoving and pushing and I was about to fall, so I squeeled.... right in Jim Bob's ear! Oooops!

This is a new bridge and I just thought it was really neat and was a great photo op!

Here's the whole clan!

That's Sue(my sister in law) on the left and Judy (my sister) on the right. That kitchen was buzzing the entire time we were there. I think Sue said she went through 6 dozen eggs and 8 pounds of sausage. There is no telling how much else she went through. She fixed enough food to feed a small nation.

Thanks Jim Bob and Sue! You always go completely out of your way for your guests... and we always appreciate it!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Grandma Babysits!

I learned several things this past weekend (I babysat for my 9 year old and 2 year old grandkids for the past 4 days!).

  1. God had good reason for NOT letting older women have kids.
  2. Older women may be wiser, but have WAY less patience.
  3. 2 year olds are completely capable of kicking your butt.
  4. No one talks more but than a 2 year old (and what language is that?).
  5. There are no sweeter hugs and kisses than from grandkids.
  6. I am NOT smarter than a 3rd grader (much less a 5th grader!)
  7. There is no way to keep a house picked up with 2 kids in it.
  8. You cannot keep enough milk in the refridgerator with kids in the house.
  9. You better have a vehicle with a DVD player in it.
  10. When you get any of those dang Chipmunk songs in your head, they do NOT leave.
  11. I need to exercise more.
  12. There is nothing more peaceful than 9:30 at night when everyone is asleep!
  13. When they say "I can do it", they MEAN IT!
It was a great time! Really, it was! And don't they look like little angels!!!!

Don't let the one in pink fool you!!!!

Oh, and one last thing.... Dorothy, you were so right... "There's NO place like home!" Both theirs and mine!!!!

I love you Brenden and Trella!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christmas Card Workshops

Here's what I'm doing this year for my Christmas Card Workshops. This is my blue set using the new Close to My Heart Aspen papers. Attendees will be making 2 each of 5 cards for $10.00. So far, I have 3 workshops that are filling fast!

And these are the more traditional red and green set made from the new Close to My Heart Evensong papers. I can't decide which ones I like better. I have a feeling I'll be making a bunch of both for myself!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

News from My Open House... But First!

Did you all see those adorable little girl invitations I was going to do for my daughter's upcoming baby shower? Well, she had her 2nd level ultrasound last Wednesday and guess what... here are the NEW shower invitations!That's right! They are NOT pink! Shelly and JR are having a boy! Devin James. I know... Devin is spelled wrong on this one, but this is just a sample. All of the ones we made last night have the correct spelling!

Shelly told me Friday morning she is so glad it's a boy because she was already sick of PINK! She is such a "NOT PINK" girl! Yeah! We are so excited!!!

I'm working on finishing up my Open House stuff and I'll post soon! I promise!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Memory Box

This is my take on the Memory Keeper, a new Close to My Heart product. I had been uninspired until I saw the one in Keynotes, our bi-annual newsletter we consultants get from Corp. I lifted the idea and changed is just a hair. I love it now! This is my mom, Trella and my granddaughter, Trella, who, obviously, was named after her. I put the My Pages Talk inside and told Baby Trella about who she was named after. Very cool!
It's for my open house Saturday and then, I'll put some stuff in it and give it to Baby Trella for Christmas. My mom has been gone for 10 years. They never knew each other.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holiday Bows

Check out these bows made out of a 6 x 12" piece of paper! I love them. Here is what you need:

6" x 12" piece Double Sided Patterned Paper (which we now have!)
Paper Cutter
Pop-Up Glue Dots
1/16" Circle Punch

And here is the link to the directions... SUPER simple! Enjoy and let me know if you try them!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy, busy, busy getting ready for my Close to My Heart Open House this coming Saturday. I always like to have as much new product to show along with examples of projects made of as much of the new stuff as I can.

I hope to have a good crowd. So far, the RSVP's are looking good!

I am going to be doing this cute flip top recipe album as a workshop in November. It has 12 pages and is just adorable. We learned to make this at our retreat last weekend.

I am also going to be holding a Christmas Card Workshop in October. Such cute ideas! I just might even make some for myself!

I've also been trying to organize my stamps sets. Whew! Now that's been a chore! I have over 150 and after about 80, I felt like I was completely out of control. At least now, I know what I have, now finding it is another story!!

We are planning a shower for Shelly and baby Devan the first weekend in October. I am doing the invitations. What a great excuse to get my newest toy... a CUTTLEBUG! Check out the embossing on this sweet little dress. It is much prettier in person, but I think you get the idea.

Oh, yeah, I started another newsletter this past week. It all about Cricuting! How much fun is that! If you'd like to join, just send me an email and I'll add you on.

Well, I'd better go. Today is the last full day I have to finishing preparing for my Open House. I'm getting pretty close, so it will just be adding finishing touches.

So, until next time... HAPPY SCRAPPING!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Local CTMH Consultant's Retreat

Well, today was our local CTMH Consultant's retreat. Christina had us all gather at a building next to her church. There were 22 of us present and I completely lost track of what all we made. It was a marathon day of creating. Every project we did was absolutely fantastic. I was going to take pictures of all of my projects, but Lyla put the pressure on to get my blog updated.... before she got home! So, I'm at least doing that!

Once I finish up all of the projects... (tomorrow, I promise!) I'll get pictures taken and posted here. I am just too tired tonight!

This is a great shot of the group hard at work.

And here is one of not so many at work! You'll see why in a couple of pictures down (and no, I have no idea why this is underlining or how to make it stop!!!!)

Here's Miss Bettyann concentrating very hard on her project.

And THIS is where everyone was! There was more food than we had sense! And of course we had to fill up to be able to continue on to an afternoon of intense creating.

And finally, it was time to just take pictures because we knew there would be no way our minds would retain what all we saw and did today.

I so love getting together with this group of women. Everyone is so fun and kind and caring and simply wonderful to be around. Bettyann and I were talking about why we do what we do. And we both agreed the creating is awesome... the additional income (if you're lucky enough to have any!) is nice... but the friendships you make with these other consultant's are absolutely priceless. I truly am blessed to have been introduced to so many creative and and just plain NICE woman. I consider each of you a friend.

So, until next time, I only have one thing to say.... HAPPY SCRAPPIN' TO ALL OF MY CTMH SISTAHS!

Friday Night Crop at Sarah's

Last night was our monthly Friday Night Crop at Sarah's! Here are the pages we did. The baseball pages were done with Game On paper pack and the School pages were random stamped using a new stamp set Stamp Around. These were a lot of fun and the ladies seemed to get through them quickly. Of course, I had to put my Cricut to work to cut the team name and position names in the team colors. That was so cool!