Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lewis Family Reunion

Just as we've done for the past 5 years, we had our Lewis (my dad's side of the family) reunion at my brother's house this weekend. How in the world can so many people have so much to say! It was absolutely non-stop talking, oh, yes, and eating. Sue fixed more food that I believe is legal to have in one house on any one weekend. All I can say is WOW!

It was so good to see everyone. Here's a few pictures that were taken. (Be sure and click on the pictures to see them MUCH bigger!)

Here a bunch of them are around the fire in the back yard. That's Lake of the Ozarks in the background. Such a beautiful view and the weather was perfect!

I think I made my brother deaf! My sister and sister in law were being crazy and shoving and pushing and I was about to fall, so I squeeled.... right in Jim Bob's ear! Oooops!

This is a new bridge and I just thought it was really neat and was a great photo op!

Here's the whole clan!

That's Sue(my sister in law) on the left and Judy (my sister) on the right. That kitchen was buzzing the entire time we were there. I think Sue said she went through 6 dozen eggs and 8 pounds of sausage. There is no telling how much else she went through. She fixed enough food to feed a small nation.

Thanks Jim Bob and Sue! You always go completely out of your way for your guests... and we always appreciate it!