Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too Busy!

This is my crazy week. At my job, we are getting ready for a big conference that will be held next week starting Tuesday and finishing up Saturday with a big Golf tournament. As of this morning, we had 312 people registered. They are coming in from 28 different states and it's going to be very busy! This week is crazy because this is the week we are finalizing things and you know, if something is going to go wrong, it will be this week because it will reak panic in everyone! And right in the middle of everything, I am having to interview to try to find a replacement for one of my people.

But, everything is going to be just fine. I had a talk with myself early this week and I made a decision. I decided that if I remain calm, that no matter what happens, it can be dealt with much better. And I have done so... and I think it has been reflected in my unit. Yes, we've had out panic moments, but we've dealt with it and we've gotten through it. And blood pressure has stayed down. (note to self... remain calm... it's contagious)

Anyway, I got home tonight and my brain was just fried. I met my sister on the patio and after chatting for a few minutes, we, of course, decided we were hungry. But, as usual, we didn't know what we wanted. We ate really healthy last night. She fixed these wonderful foil packets of potatoes, onion and chicken on the grill with a side of peas. YUM! So, tonight, we didn't feel like being so good.

Off to Pasta Express we went. Motzarella Sticks and Marinara Sauce and a diet Coke. mmmmm. And then, off to Dairy Queen. Have you seen those crazy new chocolate covered strawberry sundaes in a chocolate dipped waffle cone? All I can say is... OMG! These are heaven on earth! And I really can't believe I ate the whole thing!!! And so did SHE!!!!

If it doesn't cause me to have nightmares, I will probably sleep really well tonight and be ready for more interviews and another day full of surprises tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Hopefully, after the conference next week, I'll be able to get back to being creative and come up with some more projects to post!

Happy Scrapping!