Monday, June 16, 2008

Cousin's Reunion 2008

My mom and her sister's used to get together for a sister's reunion once a year. It was just those 5 girls and no one else was invited! We have pictures to tell us some of the stories, but 4 of the 5 of them are gone now and many of those stories and secrets and private moments have gone with them.
Well, those sister's had lots of kids. And those kids had kids and so on and so on!
Last year, the oldest sister, Aunt Gracie (who by the way is 103 this year!) daughter's (5 of them, too!) all got to talking and decided to have a cousin's reunion. We had the best time. We thought! Well, this year, we did it again! (Sounds like we have started something here!)
We met in Locust Grove Oklahoma at Trixie's house, Saturday. Food was being brought in and people were coming for miles. Oh, my! What an afternoon. After we all got done eating (for the time being), we started catching up. The talking and the laughter could have been heard for miles! I really think we were louder than usual! I suppose when you have something to say and you want to be heard, ya gotta be loud!

Here we are, in the house, just sitting around talking and eating. Our cousing Jenny made it this year. I had never met her before and I could tell immediately she was a Carroll! She was just like the rest of us. She came in with a big box of pictures she had that were her "grannys". My Aunt Beulah. I saw pictures of my grandparent's parents. Until that moment, I had only known of their existence on paper. I had never seen a picture of them. And then, more... my family was all in that box! It was a little overwhelming but absolutely fantastic!
Then, we all started the de-toxing. That will have to be a story for later. Judy has pictures of my feet in the water. You soak your feet in the tub of water charged with electricity (oh, and don't forget the grounding of your body!). All of this junk comes out of your feet. Gross! Pretty amazing stuff.
Saturday night was the big weiner roast. We all sat around the fire and talked and told stories. And a little after dark, we all started getting ready to go to our respective sleeping places. Judy and I were inside helping put stuff away when someone said "Come on girls... let's go swimming!" Most replied... "I don't have a bathing suit!". "Who cares!!!". So, off to find a t-shirt and then to meet at the pool.
But, not before Aunt Gracie makes things a little exciting. As we were standing there discussing the pool, we hear a faint... "help!". It was Aunt Gracie (now, remember, she is the 103 year old). She had fallen out of bed. She was just fine, but she was on the floor! After she got her sense about her, she wanted it made very clear that was the very FIRST time that had happened! With the help of several, we got her back in bed. She quickly said... "I'm ok... you all get out of here!". So we did.
And off to changing clothes. Judy and I headed to the motorhome. We found Sue in bed and almost asleep. With much persuading, we got her out of bed and heading up to the pool with us. She was not happy about it! And, oh my goodness! The water was SO cold!
We didn't swim long, but we did swim... ALL the girls that were there!
Then, off to bed for a wonderful nights sleep filled with happy thoughts of the day.
The morning woke everyone to thunder and lightening and rain! We were fine, but we were sure thinking about those in the tents!
Breakfast at 8:30, more talking and then the saying goodbyes.
Once again, it was a wonderful time and we can't wait until next year!
Thanks so much to the Garoutte Girls! We had a blast!
(I was so busy this year talking, I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted! Hopefully, I'll be able to get some from all of those other camera buffs!)


Tracy said...

Janis, you are so blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of fun loving family!!! and Please, teach them how to get those photos out of the box and do what we love to do best....scrapbook.

Glad you had a great time.
Tracy in AR