Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July - Lewis Reunion

Everybody converged on my brother's house for the 4th. It has almost become tradition... this is the third year, so I guess it now qualifies! We just hung out, talked, ate, watched the kids have a great time and just enjoyed the day. Here's some random pictures taken of the day.

That's my Grandson, Brenden

That's my son-in-law, David and my brother, Jim Bob.

Taylor, my great niece, Trella, my grandaughter and Shelly, my oldest daughter

Shelly and Brenden

Miss Trella

Sue, my sister-in-law, Liam, her grandson and Trella

Taylor and Shelly

Trella and Lisa (Taylor's mom)

At the pool My bathing beauty!

Of course there were games. Guess How Many M & M's are in the jar was quite interesting. My lame 150 didn't even cover the bottom of the container! I think there ended up being over 700 or some rediculous number. Pamela won! Woohoo! And she shared the M and M's with all of us!

Sue even had personalized M and M's made just for the occasion!

Then, we started playing charades. That's me on the left doing who knows what. Even the kids got into the game. We really had a lot of fun with this.

And here we are just sitting around after playing charades and other games. What a great time we had!

My brother was pretty tired after a long day with family. Poor baby! I'm just not sure how he could sleep with all the people around! I sure don't think I could have! But he had to get his nap in because he would soon be cooking hot dogs and making homemade ice cream for everyone!

It was a fantastic 2008 4th of July! Thanks Jim Bob and Sue for making it a great time!